NELPO is a family-owned business located in Ecuador , and dedicated to the production and exportation of summer flowers and fillers.


Meet Pancho, our friendly Great Dane, who despite his size is loved by everyone. Pancho is welcome everywhere on the farm, except in a few of the greenhouses, and he expects a few pats on the head or a scratch behind the ears when he comes to visit. Let Pancho take you on a tour of his farm and show you his favorite haunts...


I think I'll catch a spot of sun here in the Post-harvest area.


Wow Daniel! The colors are great, but maybe we should add more flowers. I especially like the Delphinium and the Ranunculus and the Anemones and the Craspedia  and the Scoops. Yes, I guess I love them all!


On our walks we always see lots of my friends.

In this picture, my two favorite people, are in the post-harvest area showing me how our Ornamental Kale is packed for shipping to the USA

I love the neat rows of colorful kale and beyond them the view of the Andes



Nothing beats the fresh air at the farm...


Just making sure things in the tunnels are running smoothly. And they are! Hello Ranunculus!


My Scoops are looking great! Stand tall ladies!


David is my interpreter, here he is explaining a few things to my new friend Ben about planting. Hmmm, where did I leave my hat?