NELPO is a family-owned business located in Ecuador , and dedicated to the production and exportation of summer flowers and fillers.


Anemones - Among the best known summer flowers, the anemone grows from a bulb and has  parsley-like leaves. The large showy blossoms on stalks can grow up to 20 cm high and the flowers come in a variety of colors such as scarlet, crimson, blue, purple, and white with its characteristic dark center- always the showstopper.


Ranunculus - The ranunculus is a species of buttercup, native to the eastern Mediterranean region.  It is a perennial plant that has basal three-lobed leaves. The flowers are 3-5 cm in diameter and vary in color from burgundy, red, pink, orange, yellow or white. Elegant and romantic, a must have in weddings and bridal bouquets- or simply arranged in a vase at home.


Delphinium  -   The plant is topped with a cluster of many flowers that vary in color from   purple and blue, to pink or white.  It was used by Native Americans and European settlers to make blue dye.   



Craspedia - Also known as Billy Buttons, Drumstick Flowers and Woolyheads, Craspedia are known for their striking round heads and golden yellow color that highlight any floral arrangement. They are native to Australia and New Zealand.  



Scoops -   This gorgeous bloom is also called pincushion flower.  It is part of the honeysuckle family of  flowering plants which makes them especially attractive to butterflies.  Scoops come in lavender, pink, red, deep wine and white.